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InuYasha is about 200(looks 17), Sesshomaru is about 500(looks 20), Rin is 7, Koga is over 200(looks 15), Kagome is 15, Naraku is 50(looks 23), Kikyo is 18(died and brought back to life), Sango is 16, Miroku is 18, Shippo looks about 7(human years), and Kohaku is 12. In the three year time-skip, all the living characters are now 3 years older than during the main series.

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Q: The true ages of the Inuyasha characters?
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What are the MAIN characters of Inuyasha?

the main characters of inuyasha are inuyasha,kagome,songo,miroku,shippo,kilala,kikyo,myoga,and naraku

How many characters are there in the Inuyasha fairy tale?

There appear to be twelve characters in the Inuyasha Fairy tale. Some of these characters include, InuYasha, Kagome Higurashi, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo. This story is a fighting game based on the manga and anime series InuYasha.

Who are the two main characters of Inuyasha?

Kagome Higurashi and InuYasha are the 2 main characters! . . . you should know this I mean really!

How many total characters are in InuYasha?

Alltogether, there are about 32 main characters.

Who owns the copyrights to inuyasha jewelry?

InuYasha characters and images can be licensed through Viz Media.

In which Inuyasha episode do Inuyasha and Souta bathe together?

It's Episode 82, A Gap between the Ages.

Who are all the characters in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel?

all the characters in InuYasha are Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku,Sango, Shippo,Kirara,Kikyo,Seshomaru,Jaken,Rin,Naraku and Kagura,Kana,Hakodoshi, and wll that's it i gues or i think

Who is the main character in Inuyasha?

The main character in Inuyasha is probably the half demon, Inuyasha himself. Other characters include his love interest Kikyou and a Buddhist monk, Shinto miko.

Will the same people that does the voice of the inuyasha characters be the same in 2009?

of course

What are the ages of the fuwa characters on the tv show?

what are the ages of the glee characters on t.v show .

Is It True that inuyasha has only 56 vol?


What is the name of the tree that inuyasha got sealed onto?

The name of the tree is The Tree of Ages. The Tree of Ages is the tree that is near the bone eaters well. It is the one that InuYasha got sealed to 50 some odd years ago.