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Batman Returns

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Q: The Bat the Cat the Penguin is the tagline from which Batman film?
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Why is batman cal led batman?

Batman is called Batman because he dresses as a bat.

How did Batman get blinded?

Batman isn't normaly blind like a bat, thats just a name. But one time in the animated series he was blinded by an exploding car thanks to the penguin. Needless to say he got better.

Who will be the villain or villains in the Batman reboot?

There have been many rumours from Man-Bat to Riddler to Penguin to even the Joker. However, it is too early to tell which one it will be.

What was Batgirl's real identity on the TV series Batman?

Barbara Gordon the Police Commissioner's daughter.

Where does Batman hang out?

Batman's hideout is the batcave. It is located beneath Wayne Manor.

How do you get batman and bat mobile on gta 4 liberty city?

Batman and Bat mobile in Grand theft auto IV is a mod that has to be downloaded

What is a game where you hit a penguin with a bat?

club penguin

How do you hold a Batman party?

Get batman balloons, cupcakes with bat symbol on it. Guy dressed up as batman. etc.

What does joker call batman?

They call him BAT

What does the joker call batman?

They call him BAT

What gadgets does Batman use?

the bat mobil

Who was bat man in Batman begins?

in batman begins the acter who played in it was christian bale