Soul Eater Evans Birthday

Updated: 4/28/2022
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June 1, 1996

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Q: Soul Eater Evans Birthday
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How old is Soul Evans in Soul Eater?

Soul Around 15 and just do you know everyone else's age Maka is 14. Black*Star is 13. Kid is 14. Liz is problobly 15-16. Patty 15. And Tsubaki is 14. There around that age.

How old is Tsubaki in Soul Eater?

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is about 15 or 16 years old in the Soul Eater series.

What episode does Hiro appear in Soul Eater?

Hiro appears in the Soul Eater in Season 1 Episode 32.

Why does Soul Hate being called Soul Evans?

Soul comes from a rich family of musicians called 'The Evans Family'. It's never really said directly, but implied that Soul's childhood was hard and he had strict parents named Danny and Sawyer. Many fans have the same theory that Soul's mother, Sawyer was really hard on him because he was the younger sibling and she already gave all of her attention to Wes (Soul's older brother). She never seemed to pay attention to Soul for anything else than to criticize him. When Soul left to go to the DWMA, he wanted to leave his old life behind him and started to go by 'Soul Eater' instead of his real name 'Soul Evans'. He hates being called 'Soul Evans' because it reminds him of his past.

Do you sell soul eater games any more?

All the Soul Eater games were made in 2008. Since most animes don't have many games, no.Soul Eater games (3 games, 4 systems):Wii: Soul Eater: Monotone Princess (*Please note that this game is only available in Japan and can only be played on Japanese wii consoles.)PSP/PS2: Soul Eater: Battle ResonanceDS: Soul Eater: Plot of Medusa