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Yes, they should. There's nothing wrong with curse words. They're just a combination of sounds which have a taboo placed on them.

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Q: Should people be allowed to curse on daytime television?
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Are children allowed to watch whatever they want on tv?

Some almost qualify in a different sense as Kiddy P*rn. There have been plots on TV and other cartoons with- for example Homosexuality as a plot device ( Top Cat) an Air Force officer living off-base and shacking-up ( I had no idea what that meant) in Steve Canyon, and sickening humor poking fun at mentally-retarded people in animal form in (Baby Huey) , also some disturbing racist content. cartoons essentially run roughshod and are not subject to the same oversight as movies or prime time. There is even a more or less musical sitcom cartoons based in part on the career of a well-known rock producer currently occupying the Big House. one episode- the River Ritz is a slightly geared down version of what Actually Happened in the Neptune Motor Lodge ( water angle retained!) in about l96l. seems there was a publicity shot of three girls ( of a well known rock band) in an oversized bath tub. great fun, until one of them called her mother, who then called the police.. this stuff is Kiddy P*rn II.

How many people watch tv in the UK?

900 Million people.

Do swamp people get paid by tv?


What are the ethics of television broadcasting?

enlightenment of the people

Why are concerts held at night time?

Maybe it's related to the fact that most people have to be somewhere during the day, like at school or on their job, and daytime concerts don't sell nearly as many tickets as night-time ones do. It's kind of the same reason why all the better shows are on TV at night.

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Why shouldn't people be able to curse on daytime TV?

Because during the daytime, there is a greater number of children watching TV.Child protection laws state that children cannot be exposed to profanity orobscenityin public, at home or in the media.

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Most people have other things to do during the day rather than watch television; either they have jobs, or they go to school. Therefore, the evening ( known as prime time) is when networks potentially have a much larger television viewing audience because more people are available to watch programs. Consequently, television stations prefer to present their best work in the time period that has the largest number of viewers. However, since evening television programs highlight violence, blood, gore, and mean-spirited behavior, they are not really created any better than daytime shows.

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People who are should not be allowed to drive.?


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