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The real answer is that gay people should be allowed to do anything in public that straight people are allowed. If straight people kiss in public, gay people should also.

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Q: Should gay people be able to kiss in public?
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How can guys can kiss guys in public?

Guys can kiss in public, just dont care other people say, they should be minding their business anyway. But kiss if you want it wont kill you if you kiss in public.

Should people kiss in public?

Long, drawn-out displays of public affection are off-putting to most people. However, a quick loving kiss is usually looked upon kindly by those who see it.

Can you kiss in school?

In most public schools, people kiss... Maybe not full on make out, but people do kiss in school.

Should public display of affection be legal?

YES! Why should it be illegal to hug or kiss in public?

What the best type of kiss to do in public?

The best kiss to do in public is a french kiss, but you only do that when your into it or your trying to show off, but if your around old people and they look like they will say something the kiss for you is a pop kiss!!

Should a girl who is 8 kiss someone she loves in public?


What age should children be able to kiss?


Should you be able to kiss your boyfriend?

Yes you should and can kiss your boyfriend thats one of the things couples always do. Odd are he wants to kiss you to so just kiss him already

Do sri lanka people kiss girls?

Yes, people kiss in Sri Lanka, though kissing in public is frowned upon.

What people do in public that you wish they wouldn't?

Kiss, Smoke, spit, fight

What to do when a guy asks for a kiss in public?

Kiss him. My boyfriend loves to kiss me, and we kiss anywhere. If you do not want to french kiss him in public, then just do a peck. I french kiss my boyfriend in public and I think it is nothing wrong with that.

How do you kiss a guy in public?

With some degree of restraint. No one necessarily minds seeing two people in love, but you should not be making out, either. A kiss, even french, can be acceptable, but try and hold it down to five seconds.