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D - suggestive dialogue (usually means talks about sex)

The 'D' you inquire about is part of the TV rating system and is what's called the 'Content Label' ex--> D/L/S/V/FV and, if any, will be found directly under the 'Audience' suggestion rating ex--> G/PG/PG14/MA in the top left of the screen within the first 15 seconds of the show and sometimes upon returning from commercials.

The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board reviews the ratings guidelines and their application to television programming. The Monitoring Board has a Chairman and six members each from the Broadcast Television industry, the cable industry and the program production community. The Chairman of the FCC also selects five non-industry members from public interest groups, for a total of 24 members.

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Q: Rating of tv sHow is what does the D mean?
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