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Q: Over at Blair General Hospital what was the first name of TV's Dr Kildare?
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When did Tampa General Hospital first open its doors?

Tampa General Hospital opened its doors to the original building in 1927.

What US city's first hospital opened in 1752?

Pennsylvania Hospital opened 1752, New York Hospital 1771, and Massachusetts General Hospital 1811.

What was the year that General Hospital was first broadcast on ABC TV?


Is General Hospital about to go off air?

As of November 2014, there are no reports of General Hospital going off the air. The first episode aired on April 1, 1963.

In the novel Crabbe by William bell what hospital is Crabbe first brought to?

Crabbe was brought to ST. Bartholomew General Hospital, Toronto Ontario.

Who was the first actor to play the role of Doctor Kildare?

Actor Joel McCrea was the first one to play Doctor Kildare in the 1937 film titled Interns Can't Take Money.

What year was anesthesia first used?

Officially, Anesthesia was first successfully used at Mass. General Hospital on October 16, 1846.

What are the world famous hospitals in Toronto?

Toronto General Hospital - First single and double lung transplant, first clinical use of heparinSunnybrook Hospital - Largest critical care hospital in the GTAHospital for Sick Children - Famous children's hospital in TorontoPrincess Margaret Hospital - Famous cancer hospital in TorontoOther well known hospitals in TorontoSt. Michael's Hospital - Critical careMount Sinai HospitalToronto Western Hospital

Who invented the first bed?

it was alvin blair who made the first bed

The first hospital organized in the British colonies of North America?

In the British American colonies the Pennsylvania General Hospital was chartered in Philadelphia in 1751, after £2,000 from private subscription was matched by funds from the Assembly

What is G. Blair Dowden's first name?


What was Canada's first hospital called?

Canada's first hospital is the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Montreal.