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Yes, her first husband was George Brown, 1939-1941; Will Price (1941-1953; Charles Blair 1968-1978 (his death)

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Q: Was Maureen Ohara ever married
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Who was maureen ohara married to?

Her last husband was aviator Charles Blair.

Who starred with John Wayne the most?

maureen ohara

Is maureen Ohara still living as of 9-8-2011?

Yes, Maureen O'Hara is 91 years old.

Who are the cast of mcclintock?

John Wayne , Maureen Ohara , Chill Wills,

What movie did John Wayne push Maureen Ohara into a mud pit?


How many children did maureen Ohara have?

1 Daugther, Bronwyn!

What did maureen ohara call john Wayne in mcclintock?

She called him "G.W." for George Washington.

When did maureen ohara die?

Maureen O'Hara is still alive as of 3/5/2010.

What language does maureen ohara ask ward bond to speak in the quite man?

She asks him to speak in "the Irish."

When did Maureen O'Hara get married?

Maureen O'Hara married to George H. Brown in 1939

Was maureen flowers married to Eric bristow?

No. Eric Bristow was not married to Maureen Flowers.

Is Maureen O'Hara married?

Yes, Maureen O'Hara married to George H. Brown in 1939