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Q: On which episode does spongebob sing on a football field?
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What episode did Laverne and Lenny sing standing on the corner?

I FOUND IT! I too have been looking for it. Its Season 6 Episode: Sing, Sing, Sing!

What does sing spongebob on his way to work?

I'm ready, ( repetitive)

Is there a song were they sing about SpongeBob?

yes it is the song in the beginning of the episodes

In which episode of death note does L sing in?

L didn't sing in an episode its just the voice you hear

What episode of glee did they sing thriller in?

The episode is called "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" and they sing it at half time in the football game. It's actually a combination of Thriller and Rolling heads. (well, I think it's called rolling heads, or something like that). But if you haven't seen it, its really good

Which episode does caroline forbes sing in?

Caroline Forbes did sing in the episode "Mystic Grill." She sang Eternal Flame.

Does SpongeBob ever sing a Christmas song?

Yes, in the Christmas special!

What song does SpongeBob sing in the dome?

It's called "Sweet Victory"

Which episode of glee do they sing total eclipse of heart?

they sing total eclipse of the heart in episode 17 bad reputation

What does SpongeBob sing when he go to work?

im ready Call me spongebob stakin crabby patties i go to word to my cat daddy

What episode does kagome sing in?

Kagome sings in chorus on episode 128.

What episode did peter griffin sing system of a down?

There's no such episode.