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episode 3 "Acafellas"

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Q: What episode of glee did Mercedes sing bust your windows?
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Which glee episode had Bust a Move in it?

Mash-Up - Season 1, Episode 8

What episode of glee does Quinn move in with Mercedes?


What is the glee episode that has bust a move in it?

Mr. Shuester

What is the name of the episode were Mercedes sings with Puck on Glee?


Who is dating Mercedes in glee?

Sam Evans is dating Mercedes on Glee, they even show them holding hands at the end of episode 22 in season 2.

What episode of glee does Mercedes and Santana sing the boy is mine?

Laryngitis,Season 1/Episode 18

What songs were in of Glee episode 8?

Episode 8 of glee season one, titled "Mash-up" includes the songs: "Bust a Move" "The Thong Song" "Sweet Caroline" "I Could Have Danced All Night" "Bust a Move", "The Thong Song", and "Sweet Caroline" were released as singles on iTunes.

Which episode in Glee does everyone know who the dad is?

I'm not sure but the first person to know in the glee club is Mercedes who is told by Puck (Noah)

What episode is 'You Do' from Glee?

There is no episode on Glee that is named "You Do". However, there is an episode on Glee that is "I Do". S04E14

Does Mercedes from glee like Kurt?

Mercades did like Kurt in episode accafellas but then Kurt told her he is gay

What episode of glee did they sing 'beautiful'?

Mercedes and the New Directions sing Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful" in episode 16 season 1titled "Home".

What episode of glee does Mercedes leave new directions?

Mercedes leaves New Directions in "Asian F" because she feels like Rachel always get the spotlight and she (Mercedes) wanted to have more solos.