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"Battle of the Sexes" episode from 1954 is the one where Norton and Ralph sing and dance to Rag Mop.

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Battle of the sexes

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Q: What is the name of The Honeymooners episode where Ralph and Norton sing Ragmop?
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Which two characters appear in the 2005 comedy film The Honeymooners?

Ralph Kramden And Ed Norton

Who was Jackie gleasons sidekicks name in the honeymooners?

Ralph Kramden a bus driver

In the honeymooners episode a man's pride what dance can't Ralph do?

He says "When it comes to Mamba or Samba music, I'm out."

Who said a string of polo ponies?

Pretty sure it was Ed Norton in an exchange with Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners. He pronounced it "puh-lop'-uh- nees".

What television show featured a character named Ralph Kramden?

The Honeymooners. Ralph Cramden was played by Jackie Gleeson. His wife was played by Audrey Meadows. His best friend was Norton played by Art Carney.

Was Ed Nortan's costume for the costume contest a space man in the honeymooners?

No. Ralph was the ' Man from space ' Norton was dressed like his hero. Pierre Francois De La Brioche. - Peace

Who played Ralph Cramden in The Honeymooners?

Jackie Gleason.

What is Ralph kramden of the honeymooners middle name?


What are the release dates for The Honeymooners - 1955 Brother Ralph 1-9?

The Honeymooners - 1955 Brother Ralph 1-9 was released on: USA: 26 November 1955

How sweet it is On The Honeymooners what did Ralph Kramden do for a living?

Bus driver

What was Tommy's last name in the Honeymooners Episode Hero?

Tommy's last name is "Manicotti". I am sitting here watching the episode where Ralph gets the measles, and the doctor who comes to check on him tells him that "Tommy Manicotti has the measles too!".

In the honeymooners how did Ralph and ed pay for the TV in the episode TV or not TV?

neither of them had enough money to buy 0ne alone,,so they put there money together and baught one.