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family feud:

1. I do

2. love, honor, cherish

3. kiss the bride

4. for better or worse

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Q: Name the most important words said in a marriage ceremony?
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What is the name of the ceremony when you take your own vows?


What is the witches real name in harvest moon animal parade?

Her real name is Vivi. She will tell you after your marriage ceremony. If you marry her that is.

What is the name of the person who joins two people together in marriage?

The person who performs the ceremony is called the officiant.

What is the name of the reddish substance used to smear on the feet of a moslem woman during islamic marriage ceremony?

Blood and sperm

Name something no marriage ceremony would be complete without?

Legally, all you need is an authorized officiant and two holders of the same marriage license. Everything else is optional.

Is there a name for the ceremony that permits divorced Catholics to get remarried in the church?

Roman Catholic AnswerNo, there is no such ceremony or procedure. Anyone who is validly married to a living spouse is incapable of remarriage in the Church. You may be thinking of an annulment which is a decree of nullity (a statement that no marriage exists - thus allowing a marriage of someone who had been married in the eyes of the state but not in the eyes of the Church). There is certainly no ceremony connected with an annulment.

Do you have to have a preacher for your wedding ceremony?

No you do not have to have a preacher .First check with you states law when you get your marriage licence . But some of the people who can perform wedding ceremony are judge's, justice of peace, mayor, city clerk and notary public to name a few.

What does it mean to dream of a marriage certificate with no man's name on it?

It means that you are longing for marriage itself rather than for a relationship with a real man. As you become more mature, you would be wise to focus on the person rather than on the ceremony.

Name of the ceremony during which a squire becomes a knight?

The name of the ceremony in which a squire is named a knight is called a dubbing ceremony. After the ceremony the knight has the title of 'Sir.'

How long does it take to get a marriage license back in Harris County TX?

As you may know, you apply for your marriage license from the Harris County Clerk. After the ceremony, it is signed by both parties and the official that performed the ceremony. The document is then returned to the County Clerk's Office for filing. If you haven't received a copy of the marriage certificate yet, you can search the Harris County marriage records online by name or date. Texas offers two types of marriage licenses, a regular license and an informal marriage license. Attached are links for searching both types of licenses and the general marriage license information.

Do you have to be a ordained minister to marry someone?

Laws vary by location, but generally speaking, ordination is not a requirement to officiate a wedding. In many places, individuals can become a wedding officiant through a simple online registration process. It's important to check the specific laws in the area where the wedding will take place to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Do you have to register your Vegas marriage license in Louisiana to be legal?

No, you do not. Your marriage is registered in the county that you are married in. All states recognize marriage in other states. Make sure that the person performing your marriage ceremony has a Certificate of Authority to Perform Marriages issued by a County Clerk from the State of Nevada. You can also order a a copy of your marriage certificate to prove you are married if/when you change your your last name.