John Cena new hand gesture

Updated: 8/29/2023
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It doesn't mean anything. John Cena changes his hand signals all the time. He does it to make the fans do it. It's a popularity thing. WORD LIFE!!!!!


Well actually,........... the "hang-loose" hand gestures john cena used was to represent the "W" in word life so it does mean something.

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its word life "w" sign it puts both hand thumb inside n hold by rest finger xcept little of both hand n join it to form "W"

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Q: John Cena new hand gesture
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Why do people call John Cena a phony?

I assume you know about the scripted events of wrestling and the outcomes of matches. John Cena used backstage politics to protect his John Cena character from losing matches. Cena refused to put over new talents by burying them. For example: Damien Sandow cashed in Money In the Bank only to lost to him, horribly, losing to man with one arm, since Cena was injured on one of his arm. John Cena relied on jokes which are not very funny to makes fun of his opponents despite his motto Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. For example, a new talent like Bray Wyatt cutting serious promos. John Cena came out of the stage and cut a non serious promo and makes fun of the wyatt family and back to being serious. It does not sell the feud between them. The jokes don't help because it supposed to be a serious feud. Wyatt is a dark character who wants to expose Cena for being a fraud. He called Wyatt out for losing to him at wrestlemania but he was booked to win. But many fans don't know about the truth so they assume John Cena is the hero that children want to look up to. The truth is that many wrestlers have been feed to John Cena and now work in mid-card matches: Sandow, Ziggler, Mark Henry, Swagger, Ryder. CM Punk exposed Cena in his promos when he was given some freedom when he breaks Kayfabe. That is why people call Cena a phony.

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John Cena is not gay.

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He hasn't. It is just part of a storyline.

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Is john cena new WWE champion?


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