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He hasn't. It is just part of a storyline.

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randy orton won the wwe champion against wade barret so if randy orton won John Cena would be fired but if wade barret won he would be out of nexus

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He didn't get fired!! His contract ended and he made the choice not to sign a new contract

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Q: Why fire John Cena in to the WWE?
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Will john cena from WWE get to be free of nextus or be fired from the WWE on raw?

john cena did get rehired

Who won the WWE title john cena or the miz?

the Miz Defended the WWE Title

Will john cena win the WWE championship?

yes John Cena will win the wwe championship at wrestlemania 29

Is WWE John cena back in WWE?


Does WWE wrestler john cena have a girlfriend?

yes john cena does have a girlfriend.

Will john cena comeback to WWE in 2011?

john cena will return in 2011

Is John Cena the real WWE Champion?

in 2009 edge beat john cena and became wwe heavyweight champion

Who was the first WWE champion John cena or edge?

On the WWE Homepage it says that John Cena was champion before Edge was

Who pays john Cena?

The WWE pays Cena that is who he works for

Is WWE john cena dead?


Where John Cena fight?

in the WWE

Who have the WWE championshi?

John Cena!