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no i am sorry if u thought it was and u listen 2 it, its a bout his dad (i think)

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Q: Is where are you know by Justin Bieber a christian song?
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What is Justin Bieber favrouite song?

sexxy and i know it

Who wrote Justin Bieber's song Boyfriend?

Justin Bieber writed the song

Is wate for you a song of Justin Bieber's?

wait for you is a Justin bieber

What was Justin Bieber fist hit song?

Justin Bieber's first song was One Time

When was Bigger - Justin Bieber song - created?

Bigger - Justin Bieber song - was created in 2009.

Justin Bieber favorite song of his?

Justin Bieber's favorite song he wrote is "Down to Earth"

What song were Justin bieber and christian beadles messing around to on youtube?

numa numa english verson

Does Justin Bieber have an your world?

No, Justin Bieber did not have a "your world" album or song.

Does Justin Bieber know the Cimorelli sisters?

Justin tweeted about Cimorelli's cover of his song, "Pray" in 2010.

When did Justin bieber write the song pray?

Justin Bieber wrote his song Pray in Honolulu, HI!

What song by Justin Bieber has You Make Me Happy in it?

One Time is the song by Justin Bieber that has "you make me happy" in it.

What was Justin bieber's ringtone on one time?

Justin biebers ringtone in one time is an old song that my mom listens to but i know that the phone he had was an iPhone and i luv Justin bieber i even have his friends number christian beadles number is who i have and he is so sweet and kind and i could go on and on about how hot he is and Justin too bye peeps