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InuYasha: The Final Act: Episode: 26: Towards Tomorrow

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on movie 2 where inuyasha turn to full demon

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Q: Is when Inuyasha kisses kagome a anime?
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What is the name of Inuyasha's girl friend in the anime Inuyasha?

Kagome Higurashi .

How did kagome die?

By the end of both the anime and the manga Inuyasha, Kagome doesn't die.

Where can I find more information on kagome?

Kagome is a character on the Japanese anime series InuYasha. Further information can be found on the Anime News Network, Fan Fiction or on Inuyasha World.

Does inuyasha have a daughter?

No. The whole anime/manga stops with Inuyasha and Kagome getting married.

Does Inuyasha have any kids?

Inuyasha and Kagome do not have any children in either the manga nor anime.

Who is kagome in inuyasha anime?

Kagome is the reincarnation of kikyo. They both have spiritual powers and sacred arrows. Kagome is 15 years old in the begining and 18 in the end.

Where can you find Inuyasha kissing kagome in ENGLISH?

inuyasha final act episode 18 at anime freak

In what inuyasha episodes does someone want kagome to be their wife?

InuYasha was not wed in the anime. He did, however, marry Kagome in the last chapter of the manga.

Does Inuyasha try to kill Kagome?

Yes, once, in the first episode of the original anime.

Does anything happen between kagome and inuyasha in the fourth movie?

no. but in movie 2 kagome kisses inuyasha to stop him from turning into the full demon that kaguya knows he desires (srry, getting into spoiler)

Does Inuyasha ask to kiss Kagome?

No, Inuyasha never asks Kagoma to kiss him. In the movie when he becomes demon Kagoma kisses him and he kisses her back. And, in that episods they almost kissed but that was only once.

Do inuyasha and kagome have kids?

i have wacthed inuyasha sesons1-8 and they have not have kids not in the movies ether. Inuyasha and Kagome do not have kids. It's Miroku and Sango that have kids. But who knows. Maybe one of these days Rumiko Takahashi will make Inuyasha and Kagome have kids.