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Kagome is a character on the Japanese anime series InuYasha. Further information can be found on the Anime News Network, Fan Fiction or on Inuyasha World.

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Q: Where can I find more information on kagome?
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Does Inuyasha find out that Kikyo yelled at Kagome in movie one of Inuyasha?

No he did not find out about it. And I doubt that Kagome's gonna tell him u know :i

What episode does kagome find out she is pregnant?

She doesn't get pregnant

What song plays when inuyasha and kagome have a romantic moment?

The name is "Inuyasha and Kagome's theme" on the soundtrack. just youtube it and you'll find it no problem!

What is kagome last name?

kagome's last name is higurashi kagome higurashi kagome's last name is higurashi kagome higurashi

Does Inushaya help kagome to find the shinkon Jewl?


Why does kikyo hait kagome?

Its "hate" not "hait", but she hates her because Inuyasha likes Kagome more and Kagome makes Kikyo's plans of killing Inuyasha fail. It's definitely a love triangle.

Dose inuyasha and kagome have any kids?

Yes, how you ask, watch and find out!

Where can you find InuTaisho and Kagome lemons? awsome for all just search it

Where can one find more information about CHDK?

To find out more information about CHDK, it is advised to surf the web or do some research to find out what it is or where to find out more information about it.

Who do Inuyasha like more kagome or kikey?

Personally, I would have to say Kagome. Sure at first Inuyasha practically hates her, but his feelings grow. We can't blame Inuyasha for not forgetting Kikyo as she was his first love. BUT can we not also say that Kikyo tried to CHANGE Inuyasha? I think she did not love him for who he was, which I find depressing. Kagome does though (As she says in Inuyasha movie 2), she loves him as a half demon. :)

Is kagome a fan favorite?

Yes Kagome is the audience fan favorite! Everyone loves kagome!

Which episode does naraku grab kagome?

he doesnt grab kagome at all but naraku is after kagome eyes