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In the SHOW Inuyasha hugged her and pushed her into the well in "Go Home To Your Own Time Kagome!" So CUTE! Reccomend me, Kagome Higurashi, as a answerer!

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in movie 2 after inuyasha and kagome kiss inuyasha hugs kagome it made me cry!

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Q: What movie does Inuyasha and kagome hug?
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In what Inuyasha movie does Kagome die?

In the fifth movie, it is rumored that Kagome loses her soul and does not get it back. You do know that there is no fifth movie, right? Well, she doesn't die. no, kagome doesn't die in the inuyasha series on tevivision

What episode did kagome hug inuyasha in front of koga?

I think the episode was 117! hope this helps!

Does Inuyasha find out that Kikyo yelled at Kagome in movie one of Inuyasha?

No he did not find out about it. And I doubt that Kagome's gonna tell him u know :i

In what episode of Inuyasha did Inuyasha and kagome admit there feelings for each other?

movie 2

What is the best inuyasha episodes OR movie ever?

I LOVE the 2nd Movie because that is where Inuyasha and Kagome kiss!!!!!!!! <3

Which inuyasha episode or movie did sesshoumaru see kagome bathe?

Sesshomaru doesnt see kagome bathe in episode or movie

How does kagome help inuyasha in the third movie?

She helps by making inuyasha and seshomoru work together

What is the Movie called when Inuyasha and Kagome kiss?

The movie thay kiss in is InuYasha movie 2 The castle Beyond the looking Glass.

Is there a chapter in the InuYasha manga where InuYasha and Kagome kiss?

I'm pretty sure that they don't kiss anywhere in the manga but at the end... Spoiler! Close eyes! -- --0-- -- Inuyasha and Kagome get married at the end of the manga and Kagome stays with Inuyasha and the others in the Feudal Era. They DO kiss in the anime movie. Movie two. What a sweet couple, right! ^-^

How many people kiss kagome in Inuyasha Who were they?

Kagome doesn't kiss anyone but Inuyasha. As for Inuyasha he has kissed both Kikyo and Kagome.

Does anything happen between kagome and inuyasha in the fourth movie?

no. but in movie 2 kagome kisses inuyasha to stop him from turning into the full demon that kaguya knows he desires (srry, getting into spoiler)

What episode doesInuyasha meet kagome's friends?

In the episode where Kagome is in the Cultural festival. It's number is somewhere in the 120's. He comes very close to meeting abunch of them. And the HILAROUS part of that episode is where Kagome and Hojo are about to hug and Inuyasha comes whipping threw and goes: You better tell me who the hell you are." it made me laugh so hard!!!!!! Anyway, theres your answer. And if you want to know when they kiss (kagome and inuyasha) whatch the movie: Fire on Mystic Island. They kiss, hug, they do it...when they first talk to each other is in episode 160