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Yes , watching anime on Crunchyroll is free .

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โˆ™ 2010-10-24 04:20:40
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Q: Is watching anime on crunchyroll free?
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Where can you watch anime on iPhone?

Dowload the free app from crunchyroll; the most popular anime are there.

Where can you watch HD anime?

Well a good site to watch anime is Anime Fushigi

Where Stream anime on the iPod Touch?

you could watch anime in crunchyroll. just look for it in the appstore. don't worry, its free. :))

Where you can watch anime?

YouTube , Anime news Network , CrunchyRoll ,

What are some other things besides crunchyroll to watch anime on?

MySpace are some other things besides Crunchyroll to watch anime on.

Is there a website where I may safely watch anime on my iPad 3?

Crunchyroll and Hulu both offer free and legal anime, with a wide selection.

Best Anime app for iPhone 4S?

Crunchyroll. ->

What is the best anime app in iPhone 4S?

crunchyroll :D

Where can you watch anime without adobe flash player?


Where can you find eechi anime?

crunchyroll, youtube, netflix, ect.

Which is better for anime hulu or crunchyroll I mostly use my ps3 but do have a laptop and smart phone?

hulu has more choices but the ads are longer Crunchyroll has less choices but shorter ads But at the same time, hulu and crunchyroll both don't have Pita Ten and other anime So they are both good for anime Btw crunchyroll has an app for ipod touch, iphone, ipad, etc.

How can you wach anime without megavideo?

simple, there is veho tv which also has anime that you can watch for free, there are also some sites such as crunchyroll that allow you to watch anime. also don't forget about and other sites similar to hulu as hulu also has some anime that you can watch all for free.

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