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Q: Is there a month that mostly boys are born?
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What month is people mostly born?

people are mostly born in the fall between September and November.

In what month are most baby boys born in?

do you mean what actual month or month into pregnancy ?

Girl born in April month?

what is the character of boys and girl who born on april months?

Why are some boys awesome?

be cause they are born in the same month I was born. But realistic speaking, nobody is as awesome as I am

Do mother rabbits have mostly girls or boys?

Rabbits are born in approximately equal genders.

What month were the boys in mindless behavior born?

Prodigy~December Ray~January Prince~April Roc~July

Does the state you were born in effect warmth?

Sometimes. Mostly it's what month you were born in. I was born at the beginning of february so i dont get cold easy but i get hot to easy

What day and month was Martin Bennett Johnson born on?

Martin Bennett Johnson, singer with group 'Boys Like Girls', was born on September 9th, 1985.

Are girl smarter them boys or boys or smarter then girls?

there are sometimes boys are smarter, and sometimes girls are smarter. for example, boys are mostly better in math than girls. another example, girls are mostly better in art than boys.

Where are the buffest boys?

The buffest Boys are mostly at the guy working out or on a football team

What month and day was mindless behavior boys born?

RayRay-January Princeton-April Prodigy-December Roc Royal-July ..

How often should a boy change his hair to please his girlfriend?

I mostly see boys change their hair about every 3 or 4 weeks, or possibly a month, but it's up to what they want to do with it.