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september 13th.

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Q: Twilight What Month was Bella Born in?
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Where was Bella born in the movie twilight?

Bella was born in Forks. Renee and Charlie were married when she was born.

How did Bella get her shield power in twilight?

She was born with it.

How old is the actor that plays Bella in Twilight?

She turned 64 last month.

When was Twilight's Bella Swan born?

September 13th 1987

When is Bella from twilight born?

Kristen Stewart was born April 9, 1990

How old is Bella Swan out of twilight?

Bella is 17 In Twilight (:

In Twilight when was Bella's car born?

it was made in 1990 it was made in 1950

What year in the movie was Bella born?

In the "Twilight" movie series, Bella Swan was born in 1987.

Is Bella a senior in the first twilight book?

No, Bella is a junior in high school in the first Twilight book.

In twilight what is Bella's grandmother called?

In Twilight, Bella Swans Grandmother is called Gran.

What is the narrator's name in the novel Twilight?

The narrator of the novel Twilight is Bella Swan.

Is Bella a Muslim?

Bella from the twilight ? Surely not !