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Paul DiGiovanni from Boys Like Girls was born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts. He graduated from Leominster High in 2006.

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Q: Where was Paul Digiovanni from 'Boys Like Girls' born and raised?
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Does paul digiovanni from boys like girls smoke?

no he does not smoke.

Is Paul Digiovanni from boys like girls gay?

No, of course not =.=

Who guitarist on boys like girls the band?

Paul Charles DiGiovanni

What race is Paul DiGiovanni?

Paul DiGiovanni is the lead guitarist for the American rock band Boys Like Girls. He was born in Massachusetts, and is Caucasian.

What is Paul Charles DiGiovanni of Boys Like Girls birth date?

he was born on 19th of January 1988 and he is the youngest personal in band Boys Like Girls

What are the names of the boys in boys like girls?

The boys' names are: Martin Johnson, John Keefe, Bryan Donahue, and Paul DiGiovanni

Who are the members of boys like girls?

Martin Johnson, Paul DiGiovanni, Bryan Donahue, and John Keefe.

Is Paul Digiovanni from Boys Like Girls single?

He used to Dani Vitale. He's currently dating Brittany Alexander.

How old is Paul Digiovanni from Boys Like Girls?

19 it's on his MySpace so what if I'm kind of a stalker

What are names of the band boys like girls albums?

Martin Bennett Johnson Paul Charles DiGiovanni Bryan Francis Donahue John Joseph Keefe

Where was Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls born and raised?

Andover, Massachusetts

Where was John Keefe from Boys Like Girls born and raised?

John Keefe was born and raised in Mansfield, Massachusetts