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I don't think so but they could be making one at the moment!

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Q: Is there a DS game about One Direction?
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Is a video game like a ds game?

Yes a DS game is a type of video game and somewhat fun. I have one myself and again a DS game is a video game.

Do you have to have 2 of the game to ds download?

No, the DS Download Play is a feature for people with one game card and 2 or more DS Consoles. Not every multiplayer game has DS Download play.

What TV ads did one direction star in?

pokemon/nintendo ds

Which TV Ads Did one direction Star In?

Nintendo DS and pokemon

What is a Harvestmoon game for DS?

One game i have is Harvestmoon DS cute and another is Harvestmoon Isaland of happyness

Is there a way you can put another ds game in one that has a game?


How do you fix a DS game when it freezes at one point in the game?

you have to reset the ds system or in some cases, wait

What is the difference betwen a ds and a dsi?

A Nintendo ds and ds lite have a ds game slot and a gamepak slot(gameboy advanced games). A dsi has a ds game slot, 2 cameras(one on inside one on outside) and a SD card slot.

How much can you sell one original ds with one game for?

About $5.00-20.00 a game

Can you trade Pokemon from one ds game to another ds game on the same Nintendo?

No, you have to have 2 Nintendo DS's to be able to trade but you do get an a attachment for you're DS that allows you to plug it into the DS card slot and have two DS card slot's

What is the Nintendo DS game with the puppies?

The game you're talking about is called Nintendogs. It was one of the first games released for the Nintendo DS.

Has any one had there Pokemon platinum game fry there ds?

i havent had my platinum fry my ds so i guess no one