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rico isn't on the game

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Q: On Hannah Montana Nintendo ds game where is Rico?
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Where is the plans for the the teacher in the Hannah Montana Nintendo ds game?

in the teachers room

Where can one purchase Hannah Montana game for Nintendo DS?

Many common retailers such as Kohls, Game Stop, and Wal Mart sell the Hannah Montana game for Nintendo DS. It is also highly available from online sources such as Amazon and eBay.

Where are the corridors in the Hannah Montana game for Nintendo DS?

outside all the stores

Where do you find Madison at in the Hannah Montana game?

Madison is by Rico's surf shop. She has orange hair.

Which corridors is in the Hannah Montana the game for Nintendo ds?

the outside of class rooms at the school. or the outside of stores at the mall

Does the Hannah Montana come along with the Hannah Montana Game?

Hannah Montana does not come with Hannah Montana because she`s a real person and not a dolly that come with any particular game that says her name on it.

Hannah Montana for Wii?

Yes there is a Hannah Montana game for wii it is called" Hannah Montana"

Who is Kelly in the Hannah Montana game for Nintendo DS?

She is just an extra character that they added for the game. She's never been on the show or anything like that.

Does the Hannah Montana psp already come with the Hannah Montana game?

Of Course. If It Did Not Then Why Would They Call It The Hannah Montana PSP Bundle

In the Hannah Montana game in ds what you?

You are Hannah/Miley

What do you do when you complete Hannah Montana Nintendo ds game?

Well, you can play it again if you want or play a different game.

How do you get kelly to help you on the Hannah Montana Nintendo ds game?

she is at the back of the school. You need to get rid of oliver first then click on Kelly and she will give you a clue