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The manga by masashi kishimoto used to be all hand drawn but we don't live in the dark ages anymore do we?

So his sketches get sent onto a computer where he adds his final touches and releases them.

this can be the same said for the animators of the production company as it saves a lot of time and money.

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Q: Is the Naruto episodes hand drawn or made by the computer?
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What is the difference between Computer-made comics and hand-drawn ones?

Computer-made comics are created digitally using software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, offering more precision and flexibility in editing and coloring. Hand-drawn comics are created manually using traditional tools like pens and paper, giving a more organic and personalized touch to the artwork. Each method has its own unique aesthetic and workflow.

When is Disney's next drawn animated movie after Winnie the Pooh?

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How is Japanese anime processed?

some animes are drawn by hand then scanned into the computer for editing and putting some details, some are drawn in the computer, then they animate it, just like several pieces of paper that are flipped thouroghly (i think)

Are comics still drawn by hand?

Some comics are still drawn by hand, but many are now created digitally using software like Adobe Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint. The choice between hand-drawn and digital methods often depends on the artist's preference and the specific style of the comic.

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Technology that reads hand drawn marks

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You will have to read the end credits for each episode to find out who actually animates the episodes. There are FAR too many to list here and most likely the names would be unknown to you so naming them would almost be pointless.

Dbz or Naruto?

I always thought that the drawings in Dragon Ball Z were never really good. Reminded me of One Piece. This is a fact though because as I remember for sure that DBZ was one of those animes that were completely hand-drawn and animated. To understand what I mean by this one must first understand how animes are made. Other animes...such as Naruto...use a type of computer programming similar to 'Z Brush'-as what video game designers use when designing video games. DBZ is completely manual and analog.

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