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You will have to read the end credits for each episode to find out who actually animates the episodes. There are FAR too many to list here and most likely the names would be unknown to you so naming them would almost be pointless.

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Hand drawn & computer aided drawing.

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Q: What kind of animation is Family Guy?
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What are some shows that use animation?

Spongebob, family guy, the Simpsons, adventure time, every cartoon is animation.

Developers for family guy?

some kind of genius :)

What are some really cool animation shows?

the cleveland show , futurama , simpsons , robot chicken and the boondocks. Also Family Guy

Are Family guy and American dad in the same universe?

They are both produced and have voices and such by seth macfarlane, but are not similar, and are not the same animation.

Does anyone know a good free program to create Family Guy American Dad style animations Thanks?

The program used to create Family Guy and American Dad animation is called Toon Boom Studio. Alternatives to this program include Adobe Flash Professional, CreaToon, Plastic Animation Paper, and Ella, among others.

What is amine used for?

Anime is Japanese animation such as Pokemon, digimon etc...and is mostly to entertain just like the simpsons or family guy or whatever

Who was famous for his animation movies?

seth macfarlane was famous for creating the hit show " family guy" which later created a short film "the blue harvest"

What kind of dog is Jesse on the show family guy?

A cartoon dog.

How much money would a guy in computer animation make?

A guy in computer animation would probably get $40,000 to $45,000 a year, so they get a lot of money.

What season and episode is 'Rock Lobster' on Family Guy?

Season 4|Episode 5 The Cleveland Loretta Quagmireand then again as 'Irag Lobster' in Season 10|Episode 4 Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q

When the first family guy was printed?

Family Guy is not a book, magazine, newspaper or any other kind of publication therefore it cannot be printed.Your question is illogical.

What are some highly rated adult animation programs?

Adult swim offers a variety of highly rated adult animation programs to watch. King of the Hill Family guy and Robot Chicken are just a few that are highly popular among adults.