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Nope, but two production companies are talking to Lucy Christopher. You can find that info on her Q&A at

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Q: Is stolen by Lucy Christopher a movie?
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What movie is like stolen by Lucy Christopher?

The Vampire Diaries Season 1. :-)

What has the author Lucy Christopher written?

Lucy Christopher has written: 'Stolen'

What is Gemma's last name in the book Stolen by Lucy Christopher?

Gemma Toombs

Where can you read stolen Lucy christopher online? :D

Who are the characters in the book stolen by Lucy christopher?

The main characters in "Stolen" by Lucy Christopher are Gemma Toombs, the protagonist who is kidnapped by Ty, and Ty, the young man who abducts Gemma and takes her into the remote Australian Outback. Their complicated relationship is central to the novel.

What are some good books about kidnapping?

girl in a cage!!! Room by Emma Donaghue Stolen by Lucy Christopher Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie (and its sequel)

What is the name of the camel in the book stolen by Lucy christopher?

The camel didnt have a name. Gemma just called her "the camel" throughout the whole book. she thought about calling her stolen and ty said they should name her wobbleguts but neither of those stuck.

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The director of the movie Lucy is Luc Besson. The movie was out in theaters in 2014.

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Here's Lucy - 1968 Lucy at the Drive-In Movie 2-8 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

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The cast of Lucy Falls - 2013 includes: Christopher Allen Nelson as Joe Danielle Burgio as Lucy Anton Starkman as Billy

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