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no, he does not have an underarm odor.

i think it is natural for men to have a smell especially after physical activity.

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Q: Is josh Ivan morales has an underarm odor?
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What is the cure for underarm odor?


What is the best remedy for underarm odor for kids?

use deodorant every morning and your underarm odors will be invisible.

Can you put garlic under your arms to stop underarm odor?

You can put garlic under your arms, but it will not stop underarm odor. It will create the unpleasant smell of pits AND garlic.

How do you correct underarm odor?

Wash more frequently. Change shirt often. Try another deodorant.

Is it normal to not have underarm odor even during and after puberty?

I wouldn't say that's normal, but hey! at least you don't have to pay for deodorant.

Does lemon juice and baking soda get rid of underarm odor?

Yes.the lemon helps kill bacteria that causes odor,while baking soda nuetralizes odor.but you have to,leave the paste on for like a minute or so,for it to do it's job

What caused Underarm odor?

well, when you sweat, all parts of your body become wet, and all parts of the wet, sweaty parts begin to sweat. so its not JUST underarm odor, its all over your body. your underarms are just emphasized in everyday society because if your hugging someone or give someone a highfive...or even just move, then your using your arms (and ampits, of course) and that will smell. that's why deoderant was invented. bless whoever did.

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Underarm smells at age 7?

Body odor is related to bacteria. Clean under your arms well, and shower daily. Use a soap that helps with bacteria. If the odor persists, see a doctor. Early puberty may be a factor, or the dr. might just tell you to invest in some deodorant!

What actors and actresses appeared in Sleeping - 2010?

The cast of Sleeping - 2010 includes: Josh Odor as Robert Erinn Strain as Julie

Is it normal to not have underarm body odor?

yes of course when you start going through puberty and sutff like your boobs are growing and you have periods unless you are a boy then you wont have boobs anyway it is very common like me i am having underarm body oder just because i am going through puberty and my boobs are growing and my private spot is growing hairy so yeah it is common

What is an Irish Shower?

An IRISH SHOWER does not include any water or soap. Usually done when in a rush, it involves using an exorbitant amount of cologne/perfume and/or deodorant to simply hide the odor....usually underarm odor. It was supposedly done by Irish men who wanted to cover-up the smell of beer and liquor on their breath and body.