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Of course not.

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Q: Is it a sin to listen to One Direction?
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Can boys listen to One Direction?

yes there is nothing wrong with boy's listening to one direction

What did Clara Barton Listen to?

one direction- still the one

When is One Direction having a sinning?

they sin every night.

Can you get Brain cancer?

Listen to Justin Bieber or One Direction

Where can a person listen to the song called Son by Four Sin Tu Amor?

There are a few options for one to listen to the song Sin Tu Amor by the group Son by Four. The majority of options are to download the song but one can listen to the song on the Last FM website as well as the 4 shared website.

What kind of music do Scottish people listen to?

I LOVE One Direction!

Is it a sin to listen to satanic music if you just like the music?

no it isn't a sin if you justy like it. however if you listen closely to the words and begin to feel differently about the songs then this could be counted as a sin.

What is the mood of one thing by one direction?

The mood is kind of happy and boppy. the song is not sad. if you want to listen to a sa song listen to moments

Is it a sin to listen to music that cusses?


How do you keep up with all of the one direction news?

You listen to hot 107.9

What are the best band around?

That's depends on the type of music you listen to. I listen pretty much everything but in my opinion, it's One Direction or The Wanted.(:

Is secular music a sin to listen to?

The answer will depend on your belief system. Some Christians feel that it is a sin because they feel estranged from their God when they listen to it. Others listen to secular music feeling no guilt or estrangement. It all depends on your personal beliefs. However, Christians do believe that they should keep away from things that are causing them to sin, so if one feels that it is causing them to sin, then it would be for that individual.