Is pornagraphy a sin

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes it is. You need not worry about it if you don't watch,read,listen to, or participate in it in any way.

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Q: Is pornagraphy a sin
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Who invented pornagraphy?


Why should pornagraphy be banned?

yes, pornagraphy should be banned because it is an item that only tears families apart

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What is manga pornagraphy?

That would be called hentai.

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Who is Aria Valentino?

she is a pornagraphy actress. pretty though

What is the legal age to watch pornagraphy in BC?

18 years old

Could it be true that Ted Bundy turned killer because he looked at pornagraphy?

Bundy did claim that his downfall was due to viewing pornography. Although he did say it, I'm not sure if he really believed it. If he was nothing else, he was smart. He had an idea that he was not exactly 'normal'. It may have been easier to blame his problems on pornagraphy that admit he had much worse demons that originated from inside himself.The pornagraphy was more a symptom of a personality defect than a cause for it. But it is true that many killers over-indulge in pornography. I have never seen any proof that it can cause someone to become a Ted Bundy.

Is it a federal crime as an adult to view adult pornagraphy on the internet as an adult?

Assuming you're referring to US law, no. If you're in a country with a system such as Sharia law, on the other hand, then yes.

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