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Crystal lake is where the 12 Friday the 13th films were based where Jason voorhes is the killer not Freddy krueger.

The nightmare on elm street films are based on freddy krueger but there was one film called freddy vs Jason where both were involved..

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Q: Is crystal lake in a Freddy Krueger movie?
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Is Jason in Nightmare on Elm Street?

No, he is only in one movie with a reference to Elm Street in Freddy Vs. Jason and the Friday the 13th movies. where he fights Freddy Krueger in both elm street and camp crystal lake.

Are they going to make another Freddy vs Jason movie?

If they are not going to they should have not had Freddy wink his eye at the end of the movie with Jason carrying his head. If they do make another one it should take place from where Jason had him at crystal lake and somehow Freddy gets his body back from his world. And overall if they don't make one then that both should have died at the end

In the movie Jason what camp does he go to?

camp crystal

How do you beat escape from crystal lake?

Once your car runs out of gas around Crystal Lake, you will need to escape from Freddy in order to beat the game. You can do this by exploring the campsites and making sure you have enough weapons to protect yourself.

Who would win in a fight Freddy or Jason?

Jason is very strong and if Freddy gets cut up he still lives but i would say Freddy because in the movie Freddy vs.Jason the setting takes place at camp crystal lake Jason drowns in the lake and Freddy grabs Jason's mask so there you have it Freddy would win even thou Jason got huge pulls going through them

Are Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger brothers?

Well…yea, since his name is in the title of the film. It is a showdown piece between Freddy Krueger and Jason for who is the most hardcore horror character, and who will reign supreme. In the film, this Jason was portrayed by stuntman Ken Kirzinger, and Robert Englund was of course Freddy.

What was the name of the camp terrorized by Jason in Friday the 13th?

Camp Crystal Lake.

Where is the Lake Crystal Public Library in Lake Crystal located?

The address of the Lake Crystal Public Library is: 100 Robinson Street, Lake Crystal, 56055 2055

Where is the Crystal Lake Public Library in Crystal Lake located?

The address of the Crystal Lake Public Library is: 126 Paddock Street, Crystal Lake, 60014 6126

How old was Jason Voorhees when he was thought to have drowned in Camp Crystal Lake because of the irresponsible teenage camp counselors?

11 years of age. Reference from Freddy Vs. Jason.

What areas was the movie Dutch filmed in?

Berry College in Rome, Georgia and Crystal Lake,Illinois

Where is the Crystal Lake Historical Society Inc in Crystal Lake Illinois located?

The address of the Crystal Lake Historical Society Inc is: Po Box 1151, Crystal Lake, IL 60039-1151