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Camp Crystal Lake.

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Q: In the movie Jason what camp does he go to?
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Is nate and Jason going to be in camp rock more?

yes i researched i had to go to 3 different websites Nate and Jason are going to be in the movie a lot more

Where did Jason begin his bloody reign in the first Friday the 13th movie?

Camp Crystal Lake, NJ

What happened in the movie Friday the 13th?

Jason drowned in the 1950s at Camp Crystal Lake and after that even, the camp was closed UNTIL a few decades later when people reopened the camp. All the helpers at the camp get killed off the movie one by one until it is found out that Jason's Mother, Pamela, is the killer. In which, in the end she gets decapitated by the only survivour, Alice. Tramatised by the experience, Alice has the dream that shes still at Camp Crystal Lake when Jason comes out of the lake and almost kills her. Hope this kind of helped :D

What is the premise of the movie Friday The 13th?

Friday The 13th is a horror movie about a group of young people who go to Camp Crystal Lake. There they are attacked by Jason Voorhees and the horror begins. This is the first in a series of Friday The 13th sequels.

Who torments the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake in a movie?

Pamela voorhees jasons mum in first one then jason himself

In camp rock 2 why did tess go to camp star?

Yes, In Camp Rock 2 Tess Does Go To Camp Star . In The End The Movie The Both Camps Become One And Are Called CAMP ROCKSTAR .

Where do Freddy and Jason go at the end of the movie Freddy vs Jason?

They go where ever they want. Honestly, who is going to tell them they can't?

Who plays Jason in camp rock?

Kevin Jonas plays Jason.

Do Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees exist?

No, Jason does not exist, and every kid in America thinks the original movie was filmed at the summer camp they went to.Although there are surely some lakes in the United States named Crystal Lake, the original 1980 version of Friday the 13thwas actually filmed at Camp Nobebosco in New Jersey, which is still a functioning summer camp. So unless your friends went to Camp Nobebosco, they didn't go to the camp where Friday the 13thwas filmed.Regardless of where it was filmed, it's still a completely fictional story and Jason Voorhees is still a fictional character who is not based on any real serial killer.

Who is Jason in Friday the 13th?

If you mean the actor who plays Jason, the character is played by Ari Lehman in the original Friday the 13th movie (1980). Jason is played by Derek Mears in the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th.

What is the name of the summer camp at which Jason is supposed to have drowned?

Camp Crystal Lake

Where did Jason live?

Camp Crystal Lake.