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Surely looks like him!

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Q: Is actor Kene Holliday the park statue on a JG Wentworth commercial?
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Who is linda copling-holliday?

Linda Copling-Holliday is the wife of actor Kene Holliday who is best known for his work as Tyler Hudson on the TV Series Matlock.

Who is the Spokesman for JG Wentworth?

The guy in the commercial is named Roger Conover. He's an actor, NOT the founder of the company. Fact is JG Wentworth (the person) does not exist. I know this because I worked for the company from June 1998 to September 2009 in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

WentWorth Miller?

wentworth miller is an actor he has starred in prison break from the start but sadly they have stopped filming so there is no more

Who is the actor in the lowe's valspar commercial?

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Wentworth miller girlfriend?

Wentworth Miller does not have a girlfriend. He came out as gay in August 2013. He is an actor, model, screenwriter, as well as producer.

What is Kene Holliday doing now?

Kene Holliday was an African American actor who was born on June 25, 1949 in the state of Virginia. Kene Holliday was notable for appearing on Matlock with Andy Griffith.

Who is the actor on the aarp commercial wearing a suit?

Eho is the actor on the aarp commercial

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What town in los angeles does wentworth miller live?

Wentworth Miller lives in Los Angles, California. He lives in the neighborhood called Larchmont Village. Wentworth is a well known actor.

Where does wentworth miller lives in CA?

Actor Wentworth Miller lives in Los Angeles, California. He has lived there since graduating from college. He is most known for starring in Prison Break.

Who is last actor in JG Wentworth it's my money commercial?

not sure about the last actor but it looks like micky dolenz did a cameo Definitely NOT Mickey Dolenz. He looks like a porn actor...I can't remember his name though!

Who is actor in new droid razor commercial?

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