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spongebob is not a boy,he is a man. he dosent live with his parents so he is a grown sponge that lives alone with his pet gary.

spongebob is a grown up man, hes is 24 in season one and 25 in the other seasons

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Gary is a male snail.

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I'm shocked!

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I wanna know,

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Q: Is SpongeBob's Gary a boy or girl?
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Is SpongeBobs pet a boy or girl?


Who does SpongeBobs voice a boy or a girl?

Tom Kenny , a guy , voices SpongeBob SquarePants .

Is Gary soto child a girl or a boy?

is gary sotos child a boy or a girl

What are the codes for spongebobs Gary's crush?

its garys in love

Is Sponge bobs snail a boy or girl?

Gary is a boy

Who is spongebobs greatest fan of?

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

What is spongebobs favorite animal?

It isn't mentioned on the show but it would probably be Gary, his pet snail.

Where is Gary's snail food on SpongeBobs big adventure?

you have to fight plankton then it's in front of spongebob's house.

How you tell if your snail is a boy or girl?

boy snails have white rings on there shell but girls have brownish rings on theirs.

Who is SpongeBobs friends?

Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Gary, Squidward

Who is spongebobs girl friend?

Spongebob does not have a girlfriend. (But he was going to get married to Sandy in a play.)

First name that starts with g?

Gabrielle, Gina and Greta are girl names. Gary, Glenn and Gregory are boy names.