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District 1

Girl: Glimmer

Boy: Marvel

District 2

Girl: Clove

Boy: Cato

District 3

Girl: Unnamed

Boy: Unnamed

District 4

Girl: Unnamed

Boy: Unnamed

District 5

Girl: Foxface

Boy: Unnamed

District 6

Girl: Unnamed

Boy; Unnamed

District 7

Girl: Unnamed

Boy: Unnamed

District 8

Girl: Unnamed

Boy: Unnamed

District 9

Girl: Unnamed

Boy: Unnamed

District 10

Girl: Unnamed

Boy: Unnamed

District 11

Girl: Rue

Boy: Thresh

District 12

Girl: Katniss

Boy: Peeta

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Q: What are the 24 tributes names in the hunger games?
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What percentage of the tributes die in the hunger games?

In a usual year, 23 out of 24 die, which makes it about 96% of the tributes.

How do you use the word malefactor in an sentence?

The 24 tributes of the Hunger Games are malefactors, because they killed each other.

How many tributes were in the 50 hunger games?

24, two from each of the twelve districts.

What is a summary of the hunger games book?

24 tributes (2 from each district 1 boy and 1 girl) are forced to participate in the hunger games. its the 74th annual hunger games and the main charecter (katniss everdeen) her little sister prim got chosen to go to the hunger games but katniss dosnt want her to go so she volenteers. the hunger games is a fight to the death between all 24 tributes from the ages 12 to 18. its the best book i have ever read and im sure the movie will be great 2

What happened in chapter 11 in the Hunger Games?

Chapter eleven is where all 24 tributes are standing on the pedestals in the arena waiting for the gong to sound to begin the Hunger Games. Katniss runs into the forest, and finds herself a tree to say at for a while, and then she hears Peeta and the career tributes below her working together.

How many characters were in the Hunger Games?

It depends on if your talking about the whole book named The Hunger Games or if you are talking about the games itself. In the games, they have 24 tributes that they pick at the reaping--- On the Quarter Quell, sometimes they double that amount to make it 48 tributes, last one standing, wins. In the book, there are MANY characters, probably way to many to count!

How many people go into The Hunger Games?

24 tributes. 2 from each district. 1 boy and 1 girl.

What they do for the hunger games 2 quarter quell?

Do you mean the 2nd Quarter Quell or the Quarter Quell in the 2nd book (which is called Catching Fire). The 2nd Quarter Quell was double the tributes (so instead of 24 tributes, there was 48). The Quarter Quell in Catching Fire was to use victors as tributes.

What is the name of the fight in the arena in the hunger games?

The beginning fight at the Cornucopia when the Games begin is called The Blood Bath for that's when most of the 24 tributes die trying to grab survival kits and/or weapons

What stations do the tributes get to train at during the Hunger Games?

Eleven tributes die on the first day of the hunger games: 1. The girl from district 3 2. The boy from district 4 3. The boy from district 5 4 - 5. Both tributes from district 6 6 - 7. Both tributes from district 7 8. The boy from district 8 9 - 10. Both tributes from district 9 11. The girl from district 10

How is television an important factor in reaping Hunger games?

Reality TV is a related theme of The Hunger Games because the games are broadcast to all twelve districts 24/7. Even though the games are not scripted the Capitol can control environmental elements that can effect the actions of the tributes, much like reality TV nowadays.

How many people died in the hungergames?

In past hunger games 23 people died. The hunger games in focus in the book, 22 people died.