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yeah, more sad than violent though but filled with Horror in the finales

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Q: Is School Days-the anime violent
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What are some anime that are not violent and are English dubbed?

*Cardcaptors *Sailor Moon *The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (but not for kids) *Ouran High School Host Club (not really for kids either) *Shugo Chara sorry i could only think of girly anime

You Want A New Anime To Watch help?

It Also Must Be Bloody.. Or A little Violent..

Why is Japanese anime more violent than English dubbed anime?

Actually, that's because the Americans edited and censored many of the Japanese anime before airing them. the original is actual better in my opinion

How many episodes are there in the anime clips called school days?

The anime series "School Days" has 12 episodes .

Is watching anime illegal?

of course not! Some of it can be violent or graphic though, but it's definitely not illegal.

Is Genocyber an adult anime?

Yes. Genocyber is very violent and gory. It also has sex and nudity in it.

When will High School Debut be out in an anime?

Never. Thet are not planning to put it in anime

What is the most violent school in siuth Australia?

The most violent school in south austrailia is William Light R-12 School

All anime that has comedy?

if what you are looking for is a funny anime show: school rumble^its AMAZING!!

Does tsubasa anime follow the manga exactly?

It did, until the end of the second season. They didn't continue the anime because the "show got to violent". anyway, they had to make it end, and CLAMP fired the anime-makers because she didn't follow the manga. They have other people for the anime now, and the OVA's.

What is a good zombie anime to watch?

Anime and Manga: Gakuen Mokushiroku: High School Of The Dead

Is pico's school violent?

YES! it is completely violent and EXTREMELY inappropriate too.