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school rumble

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Q: What are good mature romance anime?
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What are some good romance music anime?

Shigatsu kimi wa uso and Nodame Cantabile are among the most popular romance and music anime.

What is a long anime series that has fighting and a LOT of romance throughout it?

There are many, but Inuyasha is a long running anime with fighting and romance.

What are good romance anime shows?

"His and Her Circumstances" (Karakano) "Ah! My Goddess" "Chobits" ... to name a few that I enjoy. :)

Does DGray-man the anime have romance in it?


Is Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun a good anime?

yes tonari no kaibutsu is very good it has romance in it but it is really nice to watch but i dont think you can find that anime anymore because i tried everywhere but if you found it good for you

Is Princess Resurrection a romance cartoon?

its not a cartoon its anime lol and it has a small hint of romance

Does the Anime 'One Half Prince' have romance?

There is no anime for 1/2 Prince. It's not even a "manga". It is a "Manhua" and novel. But the Manhua does have romance. It is a romantic series.

Good romance anime with a cute guy and cute girl and that involves a love triangle complex?

Peach girl. Hope that helps

What are some good mature romance anime?

Chobits, Junjou Romantica, Rumbling Hearts, Honey and clover, Saikano, Kanon, Boys Be, green Green, and Peach Girl. That's all i know.

What are some anime shows with sexual romance?

yosuga no sora ^.^

Anime that has slightly nudity and romance?

Naruto I guess

Any romance animes that have hidden talents or hidden identities has 2 have good graphics and its a anime which means u can watch it online or something?

There's Vampire Knight but Shugo Chara has light romance in it.