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Q: Is Ryan Potter dating Gracie Dzienny?
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Is Ryan Potter in a relationship?

Nope. Not at all! :) He's too busy to date. And no, he isn't in a relationship with Gracie Dzienny. That's just in the show.

What are supah ninja's from nick real names?

Mike Fukunaga: Ryan Potter Amanda McKay: Gracie Dzienny Owen Reynolds: Carlos Knight

How tall is Ryan Gracie?

Ryan Gracie is 5' 9".

What nicknames did Ryan Gracie go by?

Ryan Gracie went by The Pitbull, and Bad Boy.

Is kenton duty dating anyone?

yes he is believe to have dated Ryan potter

What actors and actresses appeared in ATVN Collabs - 2013?

The cast of ATVN Collabs - 2013 includes: Christine Brillon as herself Ryan David Ginsberg as himself Gracie Dzienny as herself Katara Nicole as Trick lady Jesse Scimeca as Evil man

When was Ryan Gracie born?

Ryan Gracie was born on August 14, 1974, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Who is Ryan potter's girlfriend?

I don't think in 2011. But right now, there are rumors he's dating Lulu Antariksa (How to Rock). They're so cute together! (:

When did Ryan Gracie die?

Ryan Gracie died on December 15, 2007, in So Paulo, So Paulo, Brazil.

Debby Ryan dating?

debby ryan not dating

Ryan potter's middle name?

Ken. Ryan Ken Potter.

When was Ryan potter from supah ninjas born?

Ryan Potter is 15 years old.