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no ashley benson is dating justin biebers swag coach ryan good you can follow them @thatrygood and @ashleybenzo

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they are not dating she is dating justins swag coach ryan good

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Q: Is Michael Copon dating Ashley Benson?
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Is Ashley benson still Michael copon's girlfriend?

Yes they r

Ashley Benson and Michael Copon?

Yes, they are dating but they are boyfriend and girlfriend already. It's on his Myspace read it.

What is the birth name of Michael Copon?

Michael Copon's birth name is Michael Sowell Copon.

Is Michael Copon dating someone right now?

No, as of July 2014 there is not mention of Michael Copon having a girlfriend. He is an actor who is known for his role on One Tree Hill.

When was Michael Copon born?

Michael Copon was born on November 13, 1982.

What is Michael Copon's birthday?

Michael Copon was born on November 13, 1982.

How tall is Michael copon?

Copon is 6'1″ and 26 years old..................

Michael Copon's middle name?

Michae Copon's middle name is Sowell

How old is Michael Copon?

US actor-producer Michael Copon is 35 years old (birthdate: November 13, 1982).

Where does Michael copon live?

Chesapeake, VA

What nationality is Michael copon?

half filipino and half caucasian.

Who plays Felix in One Tree Hill?

Michael Copon