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Nope. Not at all! :) He's too busy to date.

And no, he isn't in a relationship with Gracie Dzienny. That's just in the show.

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Q: Is Ryan Potter in a relationship?
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Ryan potter's middle name?

Ken. Ryan Ken Potter.

When was Ryan potter from supah ninjas born?

Ryan Potter is 15 years old.

What year was Ryan potter born from supah ningahs?

Ryan potter waz born on august 15 1988

Does Ryan Potter have a brother?

Yes,he has a brother Rodney Potter and his sister Randye potter

How old is Ryan Potter?

Ryan Potter (Supah Ninjas) is 21 years old (born September 12, 1995).

Who is Ryan potter?

Ryan Potter is one o the main characters on the semi popular nickelodeon show Supah Ninjas

What Year was Ryan Potter born?


Is Ryan Potter Chinese or Japanese?


Was Ryan Gosling in Harry Potter?

No he wasn't.

Who plays mike in supah ninjas?

Ryan Potter

Is Ryan Potter dating Gracie Dzienny?


Who is Ryan potter's girlfriend?

I don't think in 2011. But right now, there are rumors he's dating Lulu Antariksa (How to Rock). They're so cute together! (: