Is Miley Cyrus hypoglycemic

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. Miley Cyrus has hypoglycemia, a disease where your blood sugar gets to low. That's why she has to use a body double onstage. She has to eat something or she might black out onstage.

but nick doesn't have a body double on stagee??? what's up with that? he still needs to eat something. duh. so that's not why she has a body double.

Nick doesn't have one, because it's not just his concert. When he needs to go backstage for something like that, Joe starts talking to the audience, and he leaves and comes back. If Miley just left and came back without using a body double, the audience would just be left sitting there wondering what's going on.

*Also mind you, Hypoglycemia and diabeties are two diffrent things.

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Q: Is Miley Cyrus hypoglycemic
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