Qui est Miley Cyrus

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In English, "Qui est Miley Cyrus?" means "Who is Miley Cyrus?"

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Q: Qui est Miley Cyrus
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Est-CE miley cyrus est fiancé Avec Liam Hemsworth?

no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was Miley Cyrus' first song by herself?

Her first song was '"est of Both Worlds."

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Qui est le plus compétant ?

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Ce qui est français est francophone.

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In french, who is translates to qui est.

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"qui est-ce qui ..." or "qu'est-ce que..." are correct in French. - qui est-ce qui a pris la monnaie ? (who did take the spare change?) - qu'est-ce que c'est ? (what is it?) (extremely frequent) "Qui est-ce que ..." may be correct, but quite rare (ex: qui est-ce que voilà ?)

What is 'Qui est' when translated from French to English?

Qui est...? in French is "Who is...?" in English.

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I think there's a mistake in the grammar. I will try guessing what the sentence is. 1st guess: Qui est-ce qu'elle est? ----> Who is she? 2nd guess: Qu'est-ce qu'elle est jolie! -----> How pretty she is ! 3rd guess: Qui ect-ce qui est jolie? -------> Who is pretty?

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qui est le plus âgé? who is the oldest?