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There have been no formal announcements of any kind regarding additional episodes or movies for the Inuyasha series. Series creator Rumiko Takahashi has already moved onto her next manga project Rin-Ne, and will not likely return to Inuyasha, any more than she has returned to any of her other popular prior works, which include Ranma, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Saga, and Urusei Yatsura.

It's safe to assume that the series is complete, and no new episodes or movies of the animated series will be released.

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Q: Is Inuyasha season 9 and movie 5 coming out sometime in 2010?
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Is inuyasha movie 5 coming out?

No. yes inuyasha movie is coming out but it is only in japan so basically they're working on it

What season of Inuyasha movie 1 come after?

After season 2

Is there really an Inuyasha movie 5 coming in 2009?

I think so and i read that the new season are coming out on setpermber 2009. no is not is to late!!!!!:} the fifth movie is eather in 3 parts or there are 8 movies alltogether idk

When is inuyasha movie 5 coming out?

already did you can probably watch it online.

When is skuldduggery pleasant the movie coming out?

Its coming out sometime in 2013

Has the new inuyasha movie come out yet?

if you mean season 8 of inuyasha yes!inuyashamovies.netif you mean movies

When is road to naruto the movie coming out in America?

The movie is coming out sometime in April 2013

When is the acreus movie coming out?

Sometime in 2010.

How many episodes are in Inuyasha season 1?

27 not including the first movie.

Has anyone seen the fifth Inuyasha movie?

There is no fifth Inuyasha movie. For a time, there were rumors about one being released in 2009, but it never was. It is possible that rumors about the supposed "fifth movie" were in fact about the final, concluding "season" of Inuyasha, entitled Inuyasha: Kanketsuhen or Inuyasha: The Final Act, which wrapped up its first and only season with 26 episodes on March 29, 2010.As of this date, there have been no further announcements of a planned fifth movie.You can watch Inuyasha: The Final Act for free on Shonen Sunday's anime website.

When is silent hill 2 the movie coming out?

The sequel to the first Silent Hill movie is coming out sometime in 2012.

When is inuyasha's new season coming out and the 5th movie too?

season 7 comes out April 28 or if your lucky you might be able to get a hold of it already (i got it 2 days ago :) ) ive heard many mixed dates and that the movie might not exist cant help you out there sorry