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yes, its placed in order thats why inuyasha blushes every time he is near to kagome becose he had in love with kagome in inuyasha series and in final act they got married and destroy naraku and sacred jewel

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No, The Final Act is a completely different series. It's not intact with the original "InuYasha". But, yes, I believe it is the end of the series. Though there have been rumors of fans wanting a new season or movie.

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There is more episode you can find them at

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Q: Is season 7 of Inuyasha Inuyasha the final act and the end of the Inuyasha tv series?
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How many seasons of inuyasha is there?

InuYasha - 167 episodesInuYasha: The Final Act - 26 episodes

How many series of inuyasha are there?

There are two- 'InuYasha' and 'InuYasha the Final Act'.

How many inuyasha series are there?

2: Inuyasha and Inuyasha- The Final Act.

What is the last season of inuyasha they made in 2009?

Inuyasha the Final Act is the newest season of inuyasha.

What comes after inuyasha the final act. what happens and do the sceries continue?

The Final Act is the last season of Inuyasha. It covers the final volumes of the manga. It is unlikely the series will continue, but they may make another movie.

How many episodes has Ihlamurlar Altinda series?

167 episodes in the Inuyasha series. But there is a second season called Inuyasha: The Final Act and there is 25 episodes

What season is Inuyasha final act?

the last season; season 7

What is the last season called in inuyasha?

the final act

When will season 8 of Inuyasha be released on DVD?

There is no InuYasha season 8, it only goes up to season 7. And after season 7, they have InuYasha The Final Act!

What is inyashas final act?

This is the end to the Inuyasha series.

How many seasons are in InuYasha the Final Act?

There are 26 total episodes in Inuyasha: The Final Act, making up about one standard season.

Why did they not finished the inuyasha anime series?

They did finish it. The ending to it is called 'InuYasha The Final Act'