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Amon was about to kiss her but something happened but I don't remember beyond that though.

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2011-01-03 22:22:14
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Q: In witch hunter robin when does she kiss amon?
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What episode do robin and raven kiss?

robin and raven do not kiss in the series. robin likes starfire but you can see a remake on youtube to the episode birthmark where they kiss.

In what episode of Teen Titans do Ravan and Robin almost kiss?

No episode. That never happens. Robin and Starfire kiss in the movie Trouble in Tokyo

When do torak and renn kiss?

In Ghost Hunter

Do Robin and Blackfire ever kiss?

No, Robin and Blackfire do NOT kiss. There is, however, a moment in the episode Blackfire intros in that Starfire sees the shadows of Robin and Blackfire kissing, but I assure you that no actual kissing takes place.

Did raven kiss robin?

NO, Robin and Starfire kiss then get merried and have two kids

What would happen if you kissed a witch?

Witches are not real, therefore, when would you get in a situation where you have been or did kiss a witch?

Can you tell me a riddle?

How do witches kiss? ... Every witch way!

How do witches kiss?

Every WITCH way!!!!!! (That really is the answer, if this is a joke!)

Does robin kiss starfire in season 5?

they don't kiss until the movie teen titans trouble in Tokyo

Is robin with starfire?

yes robin and starfire do get together because in the movie where they go to japan to stop a criminal starfire gives him hints that she wants them to kiss so they eventually do kiss at the end and get together.

In X-Men evolution who does scarlet witch kiss?

The Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff, gives a kiss to Toad, aka Todd Tolansky, in the episode "The Toad, The Witch, and the Wardrobe". After saving her life from Mastermind while using an image inducer to look handsome, he receives a kiss from her. However, in the middle of the kiss, the image inducer gives out and she sees him for who he truly is, shoving him away with disgust.

What are the release dates for Sabrina the Teenage Witch - 1996 Sabrina and the Kiss 6-16?

Sabrina the Teenage Witch - 1996 Sabrina and the Kiss 6-16 was released on: USA: 22 March 2002

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