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There are no romantic episodes of naruto at all. unless you count the brief moments in between fighting where they save each other... but no.

Well, unless you count all the episodes Sai is in. There's kind of romance in those, but not a lot. Even that is wouldn't really be considered romance. More like friendship.

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in season 4 episode 166 (confessions) Naruto vs.pain and hinata comes in...... an you figure the rest.

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when naruto comes back to the village duh dummy

this person obviously hasent watched shippuden cuz naruto and hinata dont meeet up till some episode in the 20s

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well sakura has no feelings for naruto cos sometimes she says naruto is stupid but sakura does care a little about naruto but i dont think they had romance thing together :D

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Q: In which episodes in Naruto shippuden there is romance between Naruto and sakura?
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