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She NEVER used the Shikon Jewel to become a demon. Not in the TV show, SPOIL OF THE END: Kagome makes one wish on the jewel, that is will disappear forever, END OF THE SPOIL Its up to YOU how she might have become a half-demon.

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Q: In what episode did kagome use the shikon jewel to become a demon?
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Where did Inuyasha and kagome met?

kagome went to school and saw her brother in the temple and sota tried to get kagome 'cat and the demon grab her and went to the well when she realized she is on a forest then she saw inuyasha pined on a tree and the villager saw her and shot arrows and then they tied her up and then the old priestess looked at her and thought she was a demon then she realized kagome she not a demon then one night old priestess gave her food then the demon came to take the shikon jewel and kagome ran to the forest but the demon chased her then kagome called for help then inuyasha woke up with creepy face and he saw her and thought she is kikyo but she said she not kikyo then the demon tie inuyasha and kagome then inuyasha ask her to pulled put the arrow and inuyasha was relased from the tree and killed the demon then he also wanted to shikon jewel and he said if she didnt give the shikon jewel he will scatch her back and then inuyasha ran and chased her and kagome drop the jewel and all way to the bridge and inuyasha chased and the old priestess gave inuyasha the necklace and kagome said sit. the end

Which episode of Inuyasha has Kagome being kidnapped by a half demon?

Episode 36 and 37.Kagome was actually captured by a pure wolf-demon named Kouga. I don't recall her ever being captured by a half-demon.

What inuyasha episode kagome gets put under a spell and falls in love with a demon?

episode 129 a demon that steal women and makes them his wifes finds kagome and puts her used a spell

What episode does Kagome turn half demon?

She never does. Ever. Whoever told you that it lying to you. It would kind of defeat the purpose of the Inuyasha/Kagome relationship, wouldn't it? Inuyasha is supposed to be a super-strong guy protecting a human because he loves her. If Kagome were to become half-demon, she could possibly become as strong as Inuyasha.

What all does inuyasha call koga?

The most used is "Mangy wolf". The next most used is "Scrawny wolf".

In what episode does kagome think shes a dog demon?

I'v read the entire series and watched some of it... As far as i know, Kagome never thinks she is a dog demon..... P.S. I LOVE INUYASHA AND KAGOME, THEY ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER

Which episode does Kagome ask Inuyasha what he and Kikyou talked about and he says she wasn't there?

It was episode #158: Stampede of the Countless Demon Rats".

When is kouga first seen?

I know that it was episode 36: Kagome Kidnapped by Kouga the Wolf Demon

What episode did kagome turn into half demon?

SHE DOSE NOT TURN HALF DEAMON its just a lie sorry:(

Dose Kagome become a demon?

No. At the end of the series, Kagome is shown, still human, living in the Feudal Era as a priestess. She did marry InuYasha, so its up to YOU to decide how or if she becomes a half-demon.

Kagome dreams about the human inuyasha in her world?

yes. but he turns half-demon in her dream as well. episode 100

Is inuyasha staying half demon through the whole show?

he stay half demon through the whole show and gets married with kagome on the final episode!!!!