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The most used is "Mangy wolf". The next most used is "Scrawny wolf".

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koga is a wolf demon and he have two shikon jewels on his legs also he uses his shikon jewels to kill demons and he is in love with kagome

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Q: What all does inuyasha call koga?
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Does Inuyasha like koga?

Not really, though Inuyasha does eventually tolerates Koga.

When does Inuyasha and koga fight over kagom?

all the time

What does koga call inuyasha?

The most used is "Mangy wolf". The next most used is "Scrawny wolf".

Does koga hates inuyasha?

maybe because inuyasha killed his wolfs or something

What is the episode of Inuyasha where Inuyasha carries Koga after he's injured?

it is episode 117

Who does the voice of koga in inuyasha?

taiki matsuno

On Inuyasha what happen to Koga after going after Narako?

he is traped by naraku and inuyasha and kagome save him

When does koga leave the anime?

i think its episode 84 koga's bride to be.

Did she fall in love with koga before she married inuyasha?


Who does kagome choose hogo or inuyasha?

kagome chooses inuyasha. she never really felt for hojo or koga, for that matter.

What ep r koga in on Inuyasha?

Koga is in many episodes after episode 36 which is where he enters and kidnaps kagome

What inuyasha episode does koga try to kiss kagome?

He never does.