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Bombur, and he is never the same again.

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Q: In the hobbit who falls into the river and falls asleep?
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Who was it that fell asleep in Mirkwood in 'The Hobbit'?

Fat Bombur.

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What happened to Bombur the dwarf at the black river crossing?

he attempted to jump into/ out of the boat that the other dwarves (and hobbit) were using, but fell into the river. the river was enchanted, so when his friends got him out he was fast asleep. he remained that way for a couple of weeks. then woke up, unharmed

How was The Hobbit helpful when crossing the river in The Hobbit?

His eyesight was better than the dwarves. He was able to see the boat on the other side of the river.

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No one falls asleep in the film battle.

Words beginning with 'J' from The Hobbit?

The whole story is about a journey. There would be jumped, as when Bilbo jumped over Gollum. Jewels of course, as they sparkled in the dragon's lair. And there is the jug of wine that the head guard drinks and falls asleep on.

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