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A watercourse is a route on water. It usually refers to a stream or river.

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Q: What is a watercourse in The Hobbit?
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Does Angel Falls have a watercourse?

Angel Falls is part of a watercourse

When was Watercourse Way created?

Watercourse Way was created in 1919-11.

What does watercourse mean?

A watercourse is the course of the water - the pathway that the water takes through the land.

What are synonyms of waterway?


The river flows in its?


What is a dry watercourse?

WADI - an Arabic term refers to a dry riverbed. Or, in the Americas, it is called an arroyo.

What is a dimble?

A dimble is a ravine with a watercourse.

What are characteristics of a youthful valley?

The bed of a youthful valley will be steeper than the remainder of the watercourse, and the valley walls will be steeper than the remainder of the watercourse.

What are synonyms for river?

stream, tributary, watercourse, waterway

What is the name of a small natural watercourse?

A stream.

What is the Thalweg?

A thalweg is the lowest elevation in a valley or watercourse.

What is the deinition of a Meander?

A meander in general is a bend in a sinuous watercourse